Medical Imaging and Radiology Software

Intelerad integration as standard with the ability to integrate other imaging platforms using our open API


The Meddbase RIS PACS platform is an integrated medical imaging suite designed around the unique requirements and work flows of Radiology Clinics and Imaging Centres wishing to run RIS PACS software, and the viewing and managing of their DICOM images.

Meddbase simplifies the complex radiology workflow as the patient moves from reception to the radiographer, to radiologist, and as radiology results are delivered back from the imaging centre to the referring specialists or GP.

All parts of this process and workflow are tracked within Meddbase giving a complete overview to the clinic at any part of the journey. This process of tracking each stage in the workflow electronically offers much greater accuracy, deriving significant benefits when dealing with the relatively high number of staff that are engaged in a typical patient encounter.

Integrated seamlessly into the Visbion PACS solution, Meddbase offers a complete solution to managing any imaging centre or radiology department.

Joining up the process

Meddbase believes the process should be covered by one seamlessly integrated software solution which offers you one place to access and manage all parts of your business, data and work flow capture which ultimately allows you to offers better patient care and business productivity.

Many other solutions would require three separate software applications to archive this process and run the image centre. These would include a patient and business management application, a RIS (Radiology Information System) and a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System). Furthermore this requires you to manage separate applications and implement bespoke workflows around them in order to cover any disjointed parts of the process. Meddbase combines all of this functionality into a single platform.


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