Patient Consultation

Eliminate paper, streamline patient care and share clinical coded patient medical records easily and securely across your organisation.


A single integrated patient medical record

Meddbase allows you to hold a wealth of patient demographic and medical information securely for immediate access on any internet enabled device. Relevant information can be targeted to the treating clinician based on a number of factors and there is the flexibility to restrict sensitive information

Tailored to your specialism

With a focus on flexibility, tailored registration and clinical forms created to your requirements, Meddbase allows you to track the information key to your patients’ health, and your business’s success.

All captured in our secure cloud

All data is tracked securely within our enterprise cloud specifically designed to house healthcare data. Our reporting warehouse offers a complete suite of tools which allow you to query your medical data and analyse trends, such as numerical values, pathology results, prescriptions, clinical outcomes and much more; giving you a greater and more in depth view in to your data than ever before


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