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Sales Enablement Manager

Purpose of the Role:

The primary goal of a Sales Enablement Manager is to help a business’s sales team sell more effectively and efficiently in today’s increasingly competitive market. The Sales Enablement m

Manager supports the sales team through a combination of multiple sales functions. They often serve as the liaison between the sales and marketing departments.

A key responsibility of a Sales Enablement Manager is to provide the sales team with the necessary resources to allow them to maximize productivity and sales. Examples of the types of resources a Sales Enablement Manager oversees include:

  • Sales Content and Collaterals.
  • Tools & Data.
  • Technology and systems.
  • Knowledge and information.
  • Training programs.
  • Templates, worksheets, and presentations.
  • Sales strategies and initiatives.

The Sales Enablement Manager also ensure consistency and quality control pertaining to the organization’s messaging to unify and strengthen the company’s brand.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Create effective onboarding processes for new sales reps so they can be successful in their new position as quickly as possible.
  • Overseeing all sales training programs and educational content for sales reps, from foundational training to continuous learning and development programs. These trainings include online or digital courses and instructor-led sales training.
  • Sales enablement technology: to identify content most relevant to prospects at every point in the sales funnel. The sales enablement system manages all material for the sales team pertaining to content and sales. This platform provides tools for organizing content and data, access and sharing abilities, tracking analytics, enhancing sales performance and more.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system: enhance the CRM system to manage and track customer data. It connects with the sales enablement software and aligns the efforts of the sales and marketing teams.
  • Content management and organizing content so the sales and marketing teams can easily access and utilize it. This includes creating a content map, or a structure that organizes the content for ease of creation and retrieval of documents.
  • Functions as a liaison between the sales and marketing teams. They help the two teams align activities, tools and systems. They also ensure all content across teams is optimized, consistent and easily accessible which streamlines and improves the entire sales process.
  • Performance analysis: responsible for overseeing and measuring end-to-end sales performance from lead generation to close of sale. Sales enablement managers use performance analysis data to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of enablement processes. Some of the key performance analysis activities include:
  • Track and analyse all training, content, and courseware usage;
  • Evaluate metrics and effectiveness of sales initiatives;
  • Track sales enablement metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Use performance data to pinpoint gaps in knowledge or skills of sales team;
  • KPIs, Metrics and reward systems including commission calculation, incentives, sales conferences and projections and forecasts.

Person Specification

Relevant experience required:

  • Strategic thinking: must have very strong strategic and analytical thinking skills to effectively support the sales team in all its functions and create the greatest ROI for the sales team.
  • High-level decision-making based on analysis of metrics and data, and they will constantly be seeking ways to improve all processes in the system.
  • Data-driven evaluation of the results of activities and initiatives. This includes all sales enablement measures such as evaluating sales tools and techniques, tracking the effectiveness of each phase of the sales process and also determining the impact of the training and development programs for the sales team.
  • They must be able to analyze quantitative and qualitative data from a variety of sources and evaluate it to make decisions for future initiatives.
  • Innovation and staying aware of trends and tools, the development of new tools, theories and technologies as the marketplace evolves. They will need to be adaptable, flexible and forward-thinking. A Sales Enablement Manager will be comfortable dealing with evolution, ambiguity and change. Innovation requires the ability to be proactive in implementing new processes, strategies or tools for the sales force.
  • Technological skills and extensive knowledge of sales enablement technology, processes and best practices. The sales enablement platform consists of several technological tools and systems that correlate and manage different areas, such as content (CMS), contacts (CRM) and training or educational programs.
  • Project management from inception through completion. They are likely to have several projects and initiatives in progress at once. This requires the ability to work with multiple teams and manage data and content across the entire span of the sales process.
  • Sales process methodologies and extensive knowledge of sales methodologies and the sales cycle. The sales enablement manager must have a deep understanding of the buyer’s journey to connect customers and prospects with proper content and sales activities at every step of the process.
  • Exceptional communication skills to play a key connective role and the ability to communicate effectively throughout the organization. They will be communicating directly with senior management, sales and marketing team members, other managers and employees, consumers, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Content creation and organization: This position requires a deep understanding of the content the organization produces, such as knowing which content to produce and which format to use at each stage. They understand how the content relates to and fits into the customer journey, from initial exposure to the creation of brand loyalty and customer retention. The sales enablement manager is involved in determining appropriate content for each step of the purchasing process to maximize sales results.

Key skills:

  • Prioritizing efforts and predicting ROI is a key function of project management in this role. They will also need to be adept at juggling multiple priorities, anticipating roadblocks and meeting milestones and deadlines.
  • Time management skills like multitasking, prioritizing, and delegating. The Sales Enablement Manager must be able to prioritize tasks and campaigns, streamline processes and operations, and delegate effectively. They have the additional responsibility to teach the sales team to balance and manage time and projects effectively.
  • The Sales Enablement Manager must possess effective communication skills of every type including listening, speaking, writing and presenting skills. Some of the advanced communication abilities they need include:
  • Communicate positively and offer guidance on technical matters to non-specialists;
  • Plan and facilitate meetings efficiently and effectively;
  • Coordinate variety of diverse activities, initiatives, training programs and projects;
  • Strong collaboration, negotiation, and conflict-resolution skills across diverse personalities and multiple revenue departments.
  • Training skills: The sales enablement manager will need knowledge of sales training best practices, such as delivery and implementation. Developmental sales coaching is another key aspect of expertise.
  • Work Remotely / Online Management.
  • Flexible and able to work in a dynamic work environment.
  • Experience working with the Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word and Excel) to an intermediate level.
  • Ability to travel occasionally to meet the team.

About Meddbase


In 2004, we created a comprehensive healthcare web-application that runs all aspects of a medical practice, from GP practices up to large hospitals groups. Our product enables single and multiple location private medical practices to connect securely to their data from any location worldwide. The business is thriving and we are proudly the leading online medical management system on the UK market.

At Meddbase, we pride ourselves on putting our users first. From innovative software products like patient portals, video consultation, intelligent prescribing and reporting tools to pioneering our API for devices like the Android, iOS and web browsers; we build products that help organise healthcare and make it universally accessible to our customers.

Company Culture

Although our business has been up and running since 2004, we foster a relaxed working environment that has a ‘start up’ feel. Whilst our primary office is in Broad Street in the City of London, we also have a superb new office space in Southampton and post-Covid we are flexible and supportive of staff working from home where possible.

As we grow Meddbase, we’ll aim to keep our teams creative, efficient and customer-focused even as we introduce additional leadership and structure.

Who are we looking for?

We tend to hire creative and passionate individuals who thrive on finding innovative solutions to problems. We do not expect everyone to have a degree-level qualification to join our business. Whilst some roles demand extensive technical skill and ability, we value people with engaging communication skills to interact with our non-technical healthcare professionals. We do expect everyone in our team to take responsibility, share knowledge and act in the best interests of our customers and team mates.

Company Benefits

We offer competitive salaries for all our roles and have an employee profit share scheme. Our working environment is friendly and comfortable. • Our office is located minutes from Liverpool Street Station and Moorgate underground.

Our working hours are 9.00 – 5.30pm with an hour for lunch. You will not be expected to work extremely long hours, as so often happens in software companies. We prefer the approach of ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’, so we actively discourage working gruelling hours. Ad-hoc home working is also a part of our working culture as we understand the need for flexibility.

Our company benefits (upon completion of probationary) include:
• Life assurance of 4 x annual salary
• Subsidised gym membership
• Private health care (length of service conditions apply)
• Ad hoc and scheduled social events
• Beverages plus fruit & biscuits available for peckish moments
• Quarterly town hall meetings with drinks & snacks
• Opportunities to get involved with our ‘culture committee’
• Optional participation in charity events

Development & Support

Once you join our team, we will ensure you have a thorough Induction to Meddbase and the teams. After 4 months, we set aside time to talk about how you are settling into you role and team. We then progress to holding annual performance reviews but there are lots of informal opportunities to talk about any support you need to thrive at Meddbase.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in this role, or you would simply like to share your CV with us, please send us a PDF copy of your CV and covering letter to [email protected]