Electronic Health Record

Eliminate paper, streamline patient care and share clinical coded patient medical records easily and securely across your organisation.


Meddbase’s market-leading electronic health record (EHR) has been designed with clinicians over 17 years to meet the requirements of next generation healthcare.

The system is extremely user friendly and can be securely accessed from anywhere at anytime on any web-enabled device.

A record is created for each patient registered in the system, providing a single, secure location for all patient-related data.

Patients are entered as individuals and can be linked to a company (e.g. an insurer, employer or legal firm) or to another patient (e.g. mother, father or next of kin). Records can be searched using a wide range of parameters (e.g. name, date of birth or company). You may also create your own custom fields within the medical record allowing you to capture and report against data specific to your business.

As well as storing patient data, critical tasks such as prescribing, pathology and referrals can be made electronically from inside the record. SNOMED coding is built in and you can even launch video consultations from inside the system.

More information on each of these features can be found on the corresponding Meddbase features pages.

Coding and reporting

Medical details are stored for each patient in numeric or text format. All details are coded using our clinical coding system. These details include current and historic medication, allergies, vaccination history, examinations, tests and consultation attendances together with treatment history and surgical procedures.

Numeric fields such as height, weight or glucose can be displayed in a report or graphed over a period of time along with any numerical pathology results.

Results, such as BMI, can be calculated automatically and can also be displayed in a report or graphed over a period of time. Additional bespoke fields not listed on the default health record can be added as part of the implementation process.


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