We have a number of vacancies within our organisation and we are always on the look out for talent. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the roles we currently have on offer.

Current Vacancies


The purpose of this role is to support MMS’s client base by responding to client-specific issues and queries related to Meddbase software. You will be required to take ownership of tickets from first client contact through to satisfactory and timely resolution.

Showing initiative and investigating possible causes/solutions independently will be expected on a daily basis. Then sharing these findings with the rest of the team to encourage group learning.

A crucial element of the role is to document all communications with the client, all steps to replicate, any investigations made, ticket progress status… etc. in the support management system such as Zendesk as well as troubleshoot and resolve client issues within agreed SLA’s.

The role requires excellent interpersonal skills in order to deliver outstanding customer service. You will be required to articulate system features to clients in simple terms and strive to provide customer satisfaction at all times.

The bulk of time will be spent responding to client queries (in ‘ticket’ format) via email and via telephone, hence excellent written and verbal communication is essential.

In circumstances where 1st Line Support cannot resolve a ticket, it must be escalated to the Client Services Manager for further investigation and resolution.

This role is based within our Southampton office.

Key functions & responsibilities: 

  • Responding to and resolving client queries and issues related to the MMS’s system and configurations via a ticket system.
  • Providing user (client) education and information via email and telephone, in line with MMS best practice guidelines.
  • Ensuring that incoming client phone calls are picked up and are handled in a professional manner.
  • Successfully managing and building the ongoing professional relationship between MMS and its clients.
  • Logging all incoming client queries on the support management system.
  • Ensuring all client email communication is documented and followed through to resolution.
  • Escalating issues to other teams where appropriate including forwarding queries to Sales, Accounts, Management or second line support.
  • Logging of complex issues for investigation by other departments.
  • Taking initiatives to design and maintain procedures (e.g. templates) for internal and external use where appropriate.
  • Leveraging internal chat systems, emails and knowledge of more senior members of staff to create system documentation and maintain a knowledge base so as to ensure that system knowledge is retained internally.
  • Managing incoming client issues and queries according to ticket status severity and overall client impact.
  • Exporting client data as required.
  • Be forthcoming and proactive in suggesting new ideas and identifying areas for improvement or enhancement.

Relevant experience & key skills:

  •  At least 1 year’s support desk experience in a technical and client-focused environment.
  • At least 1 year’s customer service experience in any sector.
  • Experience of applying a logical approach to resolving functional and technical issues.
  • The ability to understand, document and assess client business issues, user experience and processes.
  • Good experience of liaising with small to large clients in a professional manner via phone and emails within agreed SLAs.
  • Experience engaging with people across a variety of levels with diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to take initiatives and experience of being accountable and taking responsibility within a small team.
  • An understanding of data protection and compliance principles, namely GDPR.

The Quality Assurance Analyst role is a crucial position that bridges the gap between the technical support team, the product implementation team and the development team while, at the same time, carrying out tasks assigned by the test manager. This role enforces our quality standards and is integral to improving the product. Our team is growing and we’re recruiting for a Software Quality Assurance Analyst to join our Quality Assurance team.

Key functions and responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with the test manager in carrying out the various day-to-day task.
  • Create detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans and test cases.
  • Identify, record and document defects thoroughly throughout the software development process.
  • Provide relevant resolution steps to the technical support team. • Report discovered defects to all relevant departments for correction.
  • Carry out regression testing after code changes have been made.
  • Analyse customer support tickets captured by the technical support team and escalate to QA for review.
  • Investigate the causes of non-conforming software and train users to implement solutions.

Relevant experience and key skills:

  • Understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • A propensity to explore and understand highly complex software systems.
  • A firm grasp of the English language both written and verbal.
  • Good face-to-face communication skills as well as the ability to easily work in a remote environment.
  • Capacity to work with diverse defect scenarios, as well as interacting with different stakeholders.
  • Experience with one or more defect tracking systems (E.g: Jira, TargetProcess, SalesForce).
  • Ability to analyse situations and solve problems.
  • Ability to write concise and error-free test cases.
  • Strong inter-personal skills.


  • Manual functional testing experience (preferably with web-based applications).
  • Interest in the understanding and learning of a programming language.
  • Understanding of black-box testing techniques.
  • Basic understanding of SQL.

Meddbase is a Saas healthcare web-application that runs all aspects of a medical practice (from GP practices up to large hospital groups). Our application includes:

  • Patient medical record system.
  • Comprehensive consultation suite.
  • Document management.
  • Scheduling.
  • Accounting.
  • Email.
  • Social network.
  • Task management.
  • Referral management.
  • Reporting and query system for analytics.
  • Clinical text analysis using NLP.
  • Collaboration system.
  • Practice networking.
  • Patient portal.
  • Occupational health portal.
  • PACS system (MRI/X-ray/Ultrasound)
    And much more…

We have a very relaxed working environment that is more akin to a start-up than a company that’s been running since 2004. We have a team of 20 + developers who are very capable and committed which work in our very collaborative environment. We try to keep quite a flat structure where we expect developers to take responsibility for dealing with everything in their purview (with the CTO there as advisor if needed). This has allowed us to keep the team small and efficient.

Obviously with web-application development there’s a reasonable amount of CRUD work, that’s a given. But we have also developed interesting in-house tech of our own (distributed databases for document storage, natural language processing for clinical text parsing, UI frameworks, DSLs, distributed config systems with PAXOS, language-ext, and echo-process, to name a few).

We run on our own machines in high-security data-centres rather than on AWS/Azure, and so we have also developed our own in-house solutions for deployment, etc. We are likely to become a hybrid solution over the next few years: cloud + our own servers.

The people we need are ‘self starters’ and are happy to work on any part of the stack, from UI, to back-end, to data-centre automation, services etc. You must be prepared to develop code using the functional paradigm – this is super important!

We need creatively minded individuals who can solve unique problems; not just with code problems, but in improving healthcare too. We need programmers than can hear a real world problem and think creatively and with empathy for the end user.

You should have significant C# and web-development experience (the web experience doesn’t have to be with .NET, we use ASP.NET for our ‘transport’ mechanism only – we don’t use any of the MS frameworks (other than the .NET BCL) — they change so often). Haskell and F# experience is useful but not essential.

We have a number of micro-services and libraries written in F# and will be implementing some of our new key architecture in Haskell. If you don’t have functional language experience, you will be expected to learn and use it (the core application is C#, so that will give you time to get up to speed anyway).

If you know [Language-Ext] (and understand why it exists) then that will help, as we use it throughout the ecosystem to bring robustness. SQL Server is our primary database solution, so experience with that is essential – but we also use Postgres. If you have any Postgres experience that would be valuable.

Ideally you will be degree educated, but what we do want to see is experience and a passion for what you do. Github projects are incredibly helpful for that, but any examples of work are also valuable. Written and spoken English must be good and you must be a UK resident and have the right to work in the UK.

Skills & requirements:

  • Significant experience in C# and evidence of a varied career in software development.


  • Haskell or F# experience (or any functional language).
  • A willingness to use the functional language paradigm rather than OO.
  • SQL Server / any relational database experience.
  • Web application development experience.

Purpose of the role:

You will be a member of a team delivering Meddbase to clinical practices throughout the UK and abroad. Your focus will be to track project deliverables successfully and to deliver them on time and within agreed acceptance and quality criteria. These will be a series of clinical practices of varying sizes and complexity that will impact durations.

Projects may be complex and include multifaceted data elements to create and install clients’ systems. You will be adept at building client relationships and managing stakeholders of all types. You will manage small to large scale system implementation projects which typically can last anywhere from 2 to 10 months and involve complex development.

Experience handling the full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) from requirements to delivery is essential.

You will be required to project manage all your client projects in accordance with company project governance, resources and to strict timelines as well as report on project status on a regular basis to the Head of Client Delivery.


Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that all client-related project artefacts are stored and maintained regularly, including project reports, RACI and logs as required.
  • Creating and maintaining project deliverables across the project lifecycle.
  • Managing the day to day client interactions, client expectations, issues and all project lifecycle activities.
  • Implementing engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures in accordance with IT methodology to ensure profitable and successful execution.
  • Ensuring clear change control procedures are in place and adhered to and in alignment with customer requirements.
  • Assisting with the planning of the Sprint Delivery roadmap by leveraging Target Process as a project management tool where required.
  • Ensuring the clear communication of client requirements as/when required to the MMS implementation, design, development and testing teams.
  • Attending necessary corporate and client meetings and working with other team members to ensure projects are delivered within senior management directives.
  • Facilitating client meetings to provide progress updates and reviews. Build effective working relationships with clients and mediate in meetings and discussions to manage differing personalities.
  • Coordinating the MMS teams during system regression and acceptance testing and handover to the Support and Account Management Team post implementation.
  • You will be required to travel and spend some periods of time on site with the clients as and when required (this may include national and international travel).

Relevant Experience & Key Skills:

  • Experience with managing complex development essential (managing development with external companies or contractors desirable).
  • Experience in Project Management with a very good understanding of the SDLC.
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and persuasively to small and large clients, including stakeholders of all levels and in a professional manner via phone, email and in person.
  • Strong practical knowledge of the Microsoft Office products and suite, including Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Project and SharePoint.
  • Team player, highly organised and able to manage multiple projects in a technical environment.
  • Positive attitude and willingness to be hands-on in a fast-paced growing company.
  • Track record of solving problems identified throughout the SDLC.
  • Knowledge of the practices and procedures of project management. Articulate and capable of producing high quality project documents, client outputs and reports.
  • A natural ability to build customer rapport.
  • Willingness to learn and develop technical knowledge of the Meddbase product.
  • A high level of attention to detail, excellent follow-through, and reliability.


  • Project Management certification or equivalent e.g. PRINCE2 or Agile.
  • 3+ years of relevant IT experience in the healthcare sector.

Meddbase is a SAAS healthcare web-application that runs all aspects of a medical practice (from GP practices up to large hospital groups). Our application includes:

  • Patient medical record system.
  • Comprehensive consultation suite.
  • Document management.
  • Scheduling.
  • Accounting.
  • Email.
  • Social network.
  • Task management.
  • Referral management.
  • Reporting and query system for analytics.
  • Clinical text analysis using NLP.
  • Collaboration system.
  • Practice networking.
  • Patient portal.
  • Occupational health portal.
  • PACS system (MRI/X-ray/Ultrasound).
  • And much more…

The working environment is friendly, informal and collaborative. You will be expected to contribute in all stages of feature development and gain a thorough understanding of the product and the users. This can involve working with customers, as well as specialists from sales and solution engineering through product design, QA and all the way to deployment and long-term maintenance. Ownership and a focus on quality are expected throughout.

Development work at Meddbase can be very varied, ranging from relatively predictable enhancements to existing features all the way to cutting edge R&D projects. We have resisted specialisation and will try to give you opportunities to work on things that interest you and play to your strengths at different times.

The team is relatively small compared to the breadth of the product and size of our customer base, so you will have to take responsibility for your own work and be comfortable in all parts of the stack. We are growing faster than ever but working hard to preserve the small team feel.

The code has been built and maintained over 15 years, which inevitably means refactoring and incremental improvements are part of the job. You will write new code in the functional paradigm, primarily in functional C# with the option of F# when it makes sense. We like types, code-gen, DSLs and generally letting the compiler do the work.

You should have a solid understanding of the language features of C# and care about the choices you make.
An understanding of [Language-Ext]will be beneficial, as we use it throughout the application to bring robustness to our system. SQL Server is our primary database solution, so experience in this area is very valuable too.

A degree is not a prerequisite to an application to Meddbase; we are largely interested in your experience and passion for programming. Github projects are incredibly helpful to demonstrate your talents. Written and spoken English must be good.

Relevant key skills & experience:


  • 3 -5 years software engineer experience.
  • Experience in .NET Framework, C#, .NET Core.
  • Passion to write code.
  • Algorithms.
  • Micro-services, enterprise applications.


  • F#, Haskell, experience in functional programming.
  • Open source contributions.
  • Stackoverflow.
  • Github.
  • Redis, RabbitMQ.
  • PureScript.

What We Do

In 2004, we created a comprehensive healthcare web-application that runs all aspects of a medical practice, from GP practices up to large hospitals groups. Our product enables single and multiple location private medical practices to connect securely to their data from any location worldwide. The business is thriving and we are proudly the leading online medical management system on the UK market.

At Meddbase, we pride ourselves on putting our users first. From innovative software products like patient portals, video consultation, intelligent prescribing and reporting tools to pioneering our API for devices like the Android, iOS and web browsers; we build products that help organise healthcare and make it universally accessible to our customers.

Company Culture

Although our business has been up and running since 2004, we foster a relaxed working environment that has a ‘start up’ feel. Whilst our primary office is in Broad Street in the City of London, we also have a superb new office space in Southampton and post-Covid we are flexible and supportive of staff working from home where possible.

As we grow Meddbase, we’ll aim to keep our teams creative, efficient and customer-focused even as we introduce additional leadership and structure.

Who are we looking for?

We tend to hire creative and passionate individuals who thrive on finding innovative solutions to problems. We do not expect everyone to have a degree-level qualification to join our business. Whilst some roles demand extensive technical skill and ability, we value people with engaging communication skills to interact with our non-technical healthcare professionals. We do expect everyone in our team to take responsibility, share knowledge and act in the best interests of our customers and team mates.

Company Benefits

We offer competitive salaries for all our roles and have an employee profit share scheme. Our working environment is friendly and comfortable. • Our office is located minutes from Liverpool Street Station and Moorgate underground.

Our working hours are 9.00 – 5.30pm with an hour for lunch. You will not be expected to work extremely long hours, as so often happens in software companies. We prefer the approach of ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint’, so we actively discourage working gruelling hours. Ad-hoc home working is also a part of our working culture as we understand the need for flexibility.

Our company benefits (upon completion of probationary) include:
• Life assurance of 4 x annual salary
• Subsidised gym membership
• Private health care (length of service conditions apply)
• Ad hoc and scheduled social events
• Beverages plus fruit & biscuits available for peckish moments
• Quarterly town hall meetings with drinks & snacks
• Opportunities to get involved with our ‘culture committee’
• Optional participation in charity events

Development & Support

Once you join our team, we will ensure you have a thorough Induction to Meddbase and the teams. After 4 months, we set aside time to talk about how you are settling into you role and team. We then progress to holding annual performance reviews but there are lots of informal opportunities to talk about any support you need to thrive at Meddbase.

Get in touch

If you see a role that interests you, or you would simply like to share your CV with us, please send us a PDF copy of your CV and covering letter to [email protected]