Occupational Health Software

Cloud-based, highly secure platform designed for occupational health​ providers

Powerful tools for growing your occupational health business, managing clients and handling all staff data

What are the business benefits of investing in Occupational Health software?

Meddbase Occupational Health Platform is a custom-built solution that will enable your company to save a significant amount of time by streamlining processes for any operational task

Meddbase will ensure your organisation can meet record keeping standards, implement and audit clinical protocols, deliver management information, and in turn provide a demonstrable return on investment

By investing in Meddbase Occupational Health & Safety software, your business could remarkably reduce the cost of accidents and injuries on-site, which in turn also boost productivity and keep your organisations reputation to a high standard

There’s absolutely not a chance of us moving to another system.

United Healthcare Global

It’s a system that you can literally do everything on.

Fortius Clinics

The Meddbase team works really hard and keeps you updated every step of the way, it’s very refreshing.

Maximus UK

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