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Powering Workplace Wellbeing: The Synergy of Occupational Health and HR

6 December 2023 12-1 pm

Explore the dynamic partnership between Occupational Health and HR in our upcoming fireside chat. Discover how they join forces to introduce strategic interventions for enhancing employee wellness and supporting mental health in the workplace.

We will learn from Dr Kevin Teoh, Chartered Psychologist at Birkbeck, University of London some key strategies and best practices for creating policies, programs, and initiatives that foster a culture of holistic wellbeing and Sam Wood, Head of Product at Meddbase on how technology can help give you the tools to convert these practices into systemic interventions.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in Occupational Health or HR, this fireside chat provides actionable insights and a roadmap to elevate workplace wellness.

Don't miss out on tapping into the transformative potential of strategic interventions.


  • speaker

    Sam Wood

    Head of product Meddbase

    Sam Wood is an accomplished and passionate Product Manager with a unique blend of expertise in the Software Development and Healthcare sectors. With a solid foundation of 6 years in software development and an impressive 9-year journey in the Healthcare industry, Sam brings a wealth of experience to the table. His dynamic career has seen him navigate roles on both sides of the Healthcare software spectrum, serving as a valuable customer and a strategic supplier. Sam's broad exposure spans diverse healthcare domains, from Occupational Health to Ophthalmology, making him a versatile professional always on the lookout for the next challenge.

  • speaker

    Dr Kevin Teoh

    Chartered Psychologist Birkbeck University of London

    Dr Kevin Teoh is a Chartered Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. He is also the Executive Officer for the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology. His primary research interests are around developing healthier workplaces, and the translation of research into practice, policy, and public dissemination. Kevin has a particular interest in the working conditions and wellbeing of healthcare workers, including developing organisational interventions to improve work outcomes.