What the Meddbase 2020 contract renewal means for you

What is happening?

On the date of your next contract renewal, the price of your meddbase subscription plan(s) will be changing. The fee for the meddbase service will be adjusted to align pricing across our business and to help us cover costs due to inflation and in meeting new demands of legislation.

What this change means for you

Your next invoice will show an increase in the price of your licence fees and services, full details of the impact of the price change are detailed in your renewal email.

Moving to monthly billing

Moving forwards you will be invoiced on a monthly basis, inline with your contract and usage of the system, rather quarterly.

Moving to direct debit

To facilitate the move to monthly invoicing, all future payments will need to be made by Direct Debit. Please click here to complete the Direct Debit instruction if you have do not already have a Direct Debit in place with us.

Why are you putting the prices up?

Fees for the Meddbase service have not been increased under your current contract. In line with inflation and the rise in costs from our suppliers as well as new legislation, we are increasing the costs of the System in order to provide the high levels and quality of service our clients expect. We are continuing to invest more money than ever before in new technologies and systems to keep your data available and secure.

Do I have to do anything else?

Other than moving to Direct Debit invoice payment, you do not need to do anything. On your renewal date, the new terms and conditions will come into effect and the price increase will be applied to your next invoice.