NHS Remote Working Solution

Meddbase runs on a personal device and connects directly to the GP core systems via GP Connect, PDS and SCS, to display the full patient record with an option to write back data, such as consultation notes and prescriptions, directly to the medical record


To help contain the spread of COVID-19 and to aid Health or Care Professionals who need immediate access to work remotely, Meddbase is offering organisations Meddbase’s Remote Working Solution.

This product includes a number of solutions enabling Health or Care Professionals instant access to carry out patient-led services using their own personal device, or NHS issued devices, directly from the browser, without the need for Services, VPNs, IT setup or upfront investment in new equipment.

Meddbase connects directly into your GP system via a number of NHS Digital Interfaces, including GP connect, PDS and SCS, to display the full patient record with an option to write data, such as consultation notes and prescriptions, directly back into the medical record.  

As well as appointment management and consultation workflows, there is also a fully featured telemedicine platform with mobile app for patients and professional team working. 

Whether you are a practice, community-led service or citizen-led organisation, Meddbase can transform the way you manage your patients for those users working remotely. With the option to customise functionality to suit you, there really is no limit to what you can achieve. 

Solution Benefit
Integrated with NHS Spine Services, Meddbase allows real time search and secure access to patient medical data from a personal, mobile or NHS issued device. Real-time access allows Health or Care Professionals to make informed, on the spot decisions improving the speed and efficiency of patient care.
Write back access to the medical record allowing users to share documents, consultation notes and prescriptions with the GP practice. Capturing data between systems in a single medical record reduces clinical risks and costs associated with manual merging or updating of information.
Accessible from any personal or NHS supplied device with no software installation needed. A zero-footprint installation can eliminate an estimated cost burden of £2,000 per device as well as significantly reducing the lead time for staff to access vital patient and practice data. On-board or support staff quickly, efficiently and at low cost, who are based remotely.
Built in Telemedicine and e-consultation services. Receive incredible clarity and detail with up to 4K UHD resolution, scalable multiparty video calls including one-to-one, many-to-many and Dynamic Video Optimisation means calls are continuously optimised to deal with challenging network connections ensuring consistent user experience. A full Telemedicine, browser-based solution is included within the remote access module allowing Health or Care Professionals to provide Telemedicine consultations with patients and run multi-attendee video meeting with colleagues.
One database of patient records for your whole population, accessible from anywhere by all clinical users in primary, community and secondary care. No duplicate or fragmented care records – all clinicians view up to date history every single time for maximum clinical safety, offering clinical reporting capability across the population.

NHS Features

Powerful tools for delivering, managing and optimising care in any setting

Feature Included
Full Patient Demographic
GP Connect Record
Clinical Coding [SNOMED CT]
Centralised scheduling
Patient Analysis
Utilisation Management
Electronic referral
Document management
Role Based Security
Teams and Collaboration
Email and Automated Reminders
Networking and Data Sharing
Call Centre Booking
Cross Organisational Scheduling