Integrated Telemedicine Solution

Increase patient access to high quality care by allowing them to see your clinicians in a secure, purpose-built online environment


Our telemedicine solution allows clients to quickly and securely provide video appointments to their patients. This is a valuable tool for increasing clinical capacity, improving patient experience and allows healthcare organisation to easily continue care during COVID-19.

Adoption for video appointments is growing quickly as patients and clinicians become more comfortable with virtual consultations. The number of appointments delivered by video has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic and will continue to grow during this time, as more patients begin to expect digital access as standard.

Meddbase is integrated with Twilio, a market leading video conferencing platform which is designed for multiple use cases including Telehealth. The service allows clinicians to use a webcam for telemedicine or simply turn to their smartphone (iOS and Android) to remotely consult with patients, all from inside the Meddbase patient health record, without having to change applications.

Automated reminder notifications guide your patients through the process to quickly and easily connect to the appointment either via the browser or app.

Rather than being at the beck and call of appointment schedules, patients can take more control of their health and fit appointments around varying employment schedules, childcare responsibilities and other commitments, meaning patients can access healthcare professionals far more easily than ever before.

Clinicians using telemedicine as part of their offering can also enjoy an increased amount of flexibility, while continuing to deliver high quality care to their patients.



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