Process Management

Take your target processes and turn them into digital reality


Meddbase has been designed around the needs of clinicians, patients and administrators for over 17 years.

We bring a unique combination of advanced technology, healthcare expertise and evidence-based pathways to help providers reimagine their care processes, so their team can manage many more patients much more effectively.

The platform includes a suite of off-the-shelf clinical workflows for Primary, Secondary and Occupational healthcare that allow you to automate components of the patient journey from day one. This significantly improves patient outcomes while saving the time and administrative costs associated with care delivery.

The underlying components of the Meddbase system (e.g. clinical forms) can also be configured to meet the needs of even the most complex clinical workflows. This means being able to direct tasks and coordinate care from a single digital platform across clinicians, ward managers, nurses, patient educators – the entire team responsible for successful care delivery – even the patient themselves.

Can my EHR do this?

EHRs cannot coordinate care activity and patient engagement. This requires sophisticated software purpose-built for configurable, adaptive workflows. As well as including an EHR, Meddbase integrates with other leading EHRs and turns documented data into a meaningful action plans for each patient, coordinated and automated in real-time.


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