Scheduling and Planning

Easily connect patient booking requests with the right physical and human resources across your organisation


Keeping track of schedules and ensuring maximum resource usage can be a real challenge, even more so when managing multiple clinicians, assets and sites.

It doesn’t need to be.

With our enterprise resource planning (ERP) toolkit you can match available resources according to skills and availability and with our powerful appointment search tool you will never miss a slot

For those who require a more visual toolset, the side-by-side scheduler allows you to quickly and easily view availability at any site and with powerful filters for isolating specific locations, equipment and individuals required for care delivery.

Where speed and maximum utilisation are the primary objective, the appointment finder is a powerful search tool. Find the next available time for an appointment, even if the appointment requires multiple attendees of varying skill sets.

For geographically dispersed organisations, our integrated geolocation system will only present patients with slots that make sense for their location.


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