Medication Delivery

True paperless prescribing meets fast and free delivery

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Medication Delivery

Meddbase’s unique paperless prescription, dispense and delivery service has been created as a seamless step within Meddbase ePrescribing.

This feature allows clinicians to simplify and expedite the prescription process by sending electronically-signed prescriptions direct to our dedicated pharmacy partner automatically with a single click from within the patient record.

Medication Delivery helps your practice to avoid admin headaches by cutting out the need for follow-up signatures by post or fax, while providing an exclusive, ground-breaking and highly sought-after service-level to your patients.

Prescriptions are dispensed and dispatched to patients free of charge using the fastest possible delivery options – including the option for same day courier services. This makes it ideal for treating patients who feel too unwell to visit a pharmacy or are too busy to leave work.

Meddbase allows you to modernise and streamline your prescribing workflow and patients’ prescription fulfilment experience, while ensuring full legal compliance is taken care of on your behalf: electronically-signed prescriptions are fully secure and adhere to The Human Medicines Regulations 2012.

Why Choose Medication Delivery by Meddbase?

  • Simplify and speed up the entire prescription process – from consultation to delivery and first dose
  • Treat patient symptoms with the correct medication within hours of the consultation
  • Commence the proposed treatment plan within the shortest possible timescales, expediting the follow-up appointment window
  • Benefit from the UK’s fastest prescription delivery options
  • Reduce patient stress and the hassle of travelling to a pharmacy
  • Dispatch prescriptions and refills accurately using trusted and experienced pharmacists
  • Cross-check prescriptions against fully integrated First Databank database for interactions and contra-indications
  • Offer your patients access to medication at competitive prices below or consistent with market rates



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