Preventing Diabetes Through
Digital Communications:

A White Paper Study

A pilot project by Meddbase & NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) showing the significant potential of ICB-managed text messaging to increase uptake of healthy lifestyle programmes.

The pilot project, conducted using Meddbase software, enabled the NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board to efficiently and reliably identify patients at risk of Type 2 Diabetes registered with selected practices in the region.

Eligible patients were checked against qualifying criteria and sent scheduled text message prompts over a set period of time, inviting them to participate in the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP). The project trialled two methods of SMS communication – opt-in and opt-out invitations.


“There was a 1,000%+ increase in NDPP referrals – from an average of 32 referrals per month to 363” 


The results of the study showed a dramatic increase in the uptake of the NDPP overall, demonstrating that digital communications, when utilised at ICB level and in partnership with the right technology provider, can have a transformative effect on patient engagement and participation in healthy lifestyle programmes  – which rely on process and critical mass to operate efficiently and successfully.


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