Practice Management Software for Secondary Care Providers

Work from any location and bring your practice together. You'll never feel closer.


Spend more time providing care, less time with administration and grow your practice knowing your data is in safe hands. The Meddbase Secondary Care Software for Practice Management is fully browser based and offers easy access from any location at any time. Fully automated billing, MDT collaboration with instant messaging, HealthCode integration and an electronic referral system linked with thousands of GPs are some of the features that make Meddbase unique

Adding Value

Meddbase focuses on adding value to your business. We automate many common functions and offer a range of communication tools for internal management, freeing you up to concentrate on patient care.

Grow your business without the overhead

Meddbase speeds up many common tasks and helps staff work collaboratively from any location. Automated communication and a referral portal are just some of the tools we offer to enhance and help grow your business.

And when you need help

We are here to support your business. We offer dedicated support, training and offer implementation to drive efficiencies and your internal processes.

Practice Management Software Features

Meddbase is always there, whenever you need it. With hundreds of features available at your fingertips.


Finance Toolkit

Define rules to manage your profit share, pass fixed fees or percentages to partners based on activity and integrate clinical, financial and operational data.
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Patient Portal

Improve patient experience by allowing them to book appointments, view results, prescriptions and their vaccination history securely online.
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Electronic Referrals

Browse and refer electronically to linked consultants sharing relevant sections of the record. Instant message and collaborate with consultants inside the tool.
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Document Management

Create, share and save documents securely inside the tool. Available online via Mac or PC with no need for local storage.
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Invoice automatically as you go based on patient activity recorded in the tool. Create monthly grouped invoices and detailed statements.
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Stock Control

Track products using stock and batch control and automatically dispense stock during appointments, including taking payments inside the platform.
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Never miss an appointment by matching patient requests to available clinicians, rooms and equipment through an easy-to-use online portal.
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Patient Analysis

Define preconfigured triggers to list patients that may be at risk or require follow up based on activity and data captured within their health record.
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Reporting and Audit

Access a suite of standard reports and build custom reports for more in-depth analytics​ across multiple data sets, including integrations with other systems.
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"Not only has Meddbase enabled us to bring together all our locations into one system, but it's allowed us to capture the patient journey all in one place - from the moment the patient arrives at the clinic for their outpatient appointment, all data is captured in one place, right the way through from imaging reporting, procedures and final billing."

Lucy Ball, Clinic Manager of The Fortius Clinic