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The Meddbase cloud solution allows organisations specialising in health assessments and screenings to manage a full suite of contracts and services, including examinations, tests and multi-attendee appointments, all with a single view across the patient record.

Accommodating a wide range of functionality and workflows, as well as offering the opportunity to join our unique electronic referral network, Meddbase is a feature-rich online solution which answers the complex clinical and administrative needs of the health assessment sector.

Key Health Assessment Software Benefits 

Easier and More Effective Health Assessments with Meddbase
Increase your confidence and enhance patient care with our cloud-based clinical software tailored for health assessments and screenings.

Improve Patient Experience

  • Patients seamlessly manage appointments, complete questionnaires, make payments, and view health info via your branded portal
  • Ensure a smooth multi-attendee appointment workflow
  • Engage with patients and employees based on their flexible benefit program for personalised care.

  • Create detailed, personalised health reports tailored to criteria like age, gender, and clinical conditions.
  • Use customisable templates for clarity and impact of data and images
  • Generate dynamic reports online and in printable formats.
  • Maintain brand consistency across documents for a professional touch.
  • Ensure analytics accuracy with SNOMED CT integration
  • Perform in-depth analysis on all your patient data and create bespoke clinical reports at no extra cost.

  • Use automated contract billing – including integration with Healthcode for insurance-based care.
  • Automatically process multi-way fee splits with highly flexible and customisable billing rules.
  • Simplify your secretarial workflows with a specifically designed administration suite.
  • Integrate with third-party tools such as Physiotec and PACS systems.
  • Send and receive referral letters and consultation reports with ease.
  • Standardise your business branding with a built-in template management solution.
  • Receive referred patients through your own established routes or via our secure electronic referral network which allows thousands of GPs to refer to your services.
  • Track products and services using stock control and batch control and automatically dispense vaccinations and products.

  • Configure pathways for varied assessment needs.
  • Collaborate in real-time with colleagues for comprehensive patient care.
  • Electronically request and receive pathology directly to/from the patient record from top labs including HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), TDL (The Doctors Lab), and TLC (The London Clinic)
  • Generate prescriptions with our e-prescribing tool which is integrated with the First Data Bank database for up-to-date drug information.
  • Cross–check prescriptions against SNOMED codes to flag drug interactions, cautions, product warnings, dosages, contra-indications, adverse reactions, and side-effects.
  • SNOMED CT integration enables advanced analytics and clinical insights.
  • Automate billing and inventory management for financial control.
  • Create bespoke clinical reports for informed decision-making and patient-centric care.


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    Health Assessment Features

    A true end to end solution, Meddbase is always online and available anywhere, across all devices 


    “We found the transition period of moving to Meddbase very smooth. We reduced our headcount, which was one of our targets in implementing the new system, and our SLAs have been halved.
    Now the end to end patient journey is quicker and smoother, which is fantastic.”

    Abigail Jones, Maximus UK

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